Regional scheduled public transport

The statistics elucidate the ways in which the public transport authorities (PTA) provide public transport in their respective counties as per PSO regulation (EC) no.1370/2007. The report contains information about the numbers of trips made (boardings), passenger kilometres, service offerings (vehicle kilometres, railcar kilometres, seat kilometres) and the financing of the operations.

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About the statistics

The purpose of the survey is to elucidate the evolution of the partly publicly-financed public transport in Sweden and in each county in terms of the services offered, the costs of offering them, and how the services are utilised by the citizens.

Previous publications
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Regional scheduled public transport 2019
Regional scheduled public transport 2018
Local and regional public transport 2017
Local and regional public transport 2016
Local and regional public transport 2015
Local and regional public transport 2014
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Local and regional public transport 2009

The scope of the survey

The PTAs in all counties are asked once per year to provide information, broken down by mode of transport, on the services offered, finances, numbers of trips and passenger kilometres. The survey has been conducted since the mid-1980s under the auspices of the Swedish Public Transport Association. The survey was conducted by the Swedish Institute for Transport and Communications Analysis (SIKA) from 2004 to 2009.


The information is published annually in the form of tables and a report, which are available in electronic form on the website at the end of June. A description of the statistics is also published in a separate document.

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