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Transport Analysis has been tasked with evaluating, analysing, and reporting the effects of implemented transport policy measures. These evaluations are intended to build our knowledge and advance the development of the process of reaching our transport policy goals.

Achieving this requires evaluations to determine whether an enterprise has been carried out in a manner appropriate to its purpose, and whether the effects of the implemented transport policy measures are as desired.

A car fleet independent of fossil fuels – development and policy instruments

The development towards a fossil-fuel independent vehicle fleet goes slowly. The economic incentives contribute to new sales of...

Implementation of the Sulphur Directive – industry preparations

The EU Sulphur Directive is being implemented in 2015 to reduce the harmful impact of sulphur emissions on human health and on...

Market opening in public transport

In March 2011, the Government tasked Transport Analysis with evaluating two reforms, i.e., the market opening for long-distance...