Road traffic injuries

The statistics describe accidents and personal injuries on Swedish roads.

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In their daily operations, the police report from traffic accident sites. They report on the circumstances surrounding the accident site, and the vehicles and individuals involved. The official statistics are based on police data. The Swedish Transport Agency collects accident data from the police, and Transport Analysis produces the statistics. The numbers of injuries and fatalities are published in the official statistics, broken down by age group, gender and road user group. The statistics also describe the circumstances surrounding the accidents, the counties in which they occurred, the month, day of the week and time of day they occurred, plus the road type, road conditions and other circumstances.

Transport Analysis also publishes statistics on traffic injuries based on the National Board of Health and Welfare's Patient Register (PAR) to serve as supplemental material for comparison with the official statistics. These statistics are not included in Sweden's official statistics (SOS), but they do offer a means of capturing, in particular, injuries to unprotected road users. They are available here:

Persons hospitalized due to road traffic accidents