Railway transport

The statistics describe the main characteristics of the development in railway transport.

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About the statistics

This is preliminary statistics that are updated quarterly and contains the most important figures of the railway sector. The number of journeys, goods volumes and transport performance (passenger- and tonne-kilometres) are reported. The freight transports are reported with and without ore shipments on the Iron Ore Line.

Previous publications
Description Report Tables Documentation
Railway transport 2019 quarter 1
Railway transport 2018 quarter 4
Railway transport 2018 quarter 3
Railway transport 2018 quarter 2
Railway transport 2018 quarter 1

The scope of the survey

The survey covers all commercial railway traffic with a few exceptions, such as the heritage railway traffic and traffic in industrial areas. The reported data are aggregated at the national level so that individual railway companies and their operations cannot be identified.


Railway Transport is published electronically four times a year. The quarters from the last six years are covered in pdf format. The Excel version is suitable for independent processing, and it also includes an extended history that dates back to, at most, 2003. Click on the plus sign above the first year to see more. The production time is about 2.5 months, counting from the end of each quarter.

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