The statistics describe the Swedish vehicle fleet. They pertain to the stock of vehicles, new registrations and deregistrations, as broken down by owner category, technical characteristics and regionally.

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About the statistics

Since 2010 the vehicle statistics have been published in the form of three Excel files: New Registrations, Vehicles in Counties and Municipalities, and an Annual Report.

The survey includes all vehicles registered in the Swedish Road Traffic Register. This register contains all vehicles subject to a registration requirement under the Swedish Road Traffic Register Act (2001:558).

The data do not cover vehicles that are not subject to a registration requirement, such as mopeds (with the exception of EU mopeds), state-owned military vehicles and vehicles that are used only within confined areas where no registration requirement applies.


The vehicle statistics are available in electronic format only. Monthly statistics relating to vehicle stocks, new registrations and deregistrations are published on the website. Publication for the preceding month takes place on the second weekday of each month. The Vehicles in Counties and Municipalities report provides information about vehicle stocks per municipality. The Annual Report mainly contains data concerning vehicle stocks as broken down by technical properties and owner category, as well as data about driving licences. All older surveys are also available in electronic format.

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