These statistics presents vehicle mileage on Swedish roads in a year. This is achieved by using a model that is based on changes in vehicle mileage on the national road system from the Swedish Transport Administration's Traffic barometer, and on data regarding the vehicle mileage by Swedish-registered vehicles.

About the statistics

The data regarding vehicle mileage have been adjusted for foreign travel by Swedish vehicles and travel by foreign vehicles on Swedish roads.

The disadvantage with this method is that it does not enable a regional breakdown. The statistics regarding vehicle mileage on Swedish roads are published annually, with preliminary results in April. Data for motorcycles and foreign lorries do not become available until the fall, with the result that the final vehicle mileage data are published in late October.

Previous publications
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Vehicles Mileage on Swedish roads 1990-2021
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Vehicles Mileage 1950-2014
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Model revision

The model used to calculate vehicle mileage on Swedish roads was revised in 2013-2014. The current model has been used on historical data dating back to 1990. This creates a gap in the time series. An old model was used for 1950-1989, and those data are still available along with documentation, but they are not comparable with the published time series for 1990 onwards.

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Memorandum 2013:8 Vehicle mileage on Swedish roads: an overview of estimation methods

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