Regularly Scheduled Road Transport

The statistics describe regularly scheduled public transport operated by public transport companies under their own auspices and under completely commercial conditions (no ordered or charter services, which are not regularly scheduled).

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About the statistics

This survey is intended to describe regularly scheduled commercial transport by road in Sweden, i.e. the services offered, how they are used, and the properties of the vehicles that are used.

"Commercial transport" refers to transport that is not regulated under government contract. Commercial transport is operated by a transport company or commissioned by a commercial company on the basis of purely market-based considerations, and with no government involvement.

However, under the Swedish Public Transport Act (2010:1065), the regional public transport authority must be notified of all public transport, and timetables and stops must be reported to the joint timetable database (GTI) at Samtrafiken AB.

This survey is both a continuation of the Long Distance Bus survey and an adaptation to the new Public Transport Act (SFS 2010:1065). The follow-ups of the Long Distance Bus survey, which have been conducted by Transport Analysis since 2010 and by the Swedish Institute for Transport And Communications Analysis (SIKA) since 1999, have encompassed all public transport crossing at least one county line.

The forms in which the statistics are to be published will be reviewed in 2017.

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