Shipping goods

The statistics shed light on vessel, freight and passenger traffic in Swedish ports and wharves. All Swedish ports and wharves provide data.

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About the statistics

The survey pertains to ocean-going commercial vessels making port in Swedish waters to unload or load cargo or embark or disembark passengers. Goods are reported as broken down by cargo type, goods group and number of containers. With respect to ferry services, data on passengers, vehicles and goods are reported. Departure/destination countries are reported for foreign transport, while the geographical regions of Sweden are reported for domestic transport. Maritime traffic is measured by number of calls and vessel size. Transport kilometres travelled are measured in tonne-kilometres per goods group, broken down into domestic and foreign voyages.

The quarterly reports contain smaller volumes of data, which are compiled in the annual report. The annual report is more detailed, and also includes maps showing the locations of the largest Swedish ports.

Previous publications
Description Report Tables Documentation
Shipping goods 2020 quarter 4
Shipping goods 2020 quarter 3
Shipping goods 2020 quarter 2
Shipping goods 2020 quarter 1
Shipping goods 2019

The scope of the survey

The survey covers all commercial calls made by ocean-going vessels with gross tonnage of 20 or more. Transit traffic that passes through Swedish waters without making port in Sweden is thus not included. The goods are measured primarily by weight rather than by volume or value. Interregional passenger traffic is included, but it only occurs to and from Gotland. For reasons of confidentiality, only very few data are reported per port, with geographical areas being used instead.


Maritime Traffic is published electronically five times a year. The quarterly reports have production times of up to 3 months, the more detailed annual report just over 4 months. The reports are available in both pdf and Excel formats.

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