Our organisation

Transport Analysis was established in 2010 with a head office in Stockholm and an office in Östersund.

Transport Analysis is led by a Director-General. Activities under the Director-General are organised in four departments:

  • Department for Evaluation
  • Department for Outlook and Policy
  • Department for Statistics
  • Department for Operational support

Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics is responsible for the production of official statistics and other data. Traffic analysis is responsible for Sweden's official statistics in the area of ​​transport and communications. An important task for the department is also to provide documentation and descriptions based on the statistics for the authority's analyzes and current state descriptions. The department has 10 employees, five of whom are located in Östersund and five in Stockholm. Head of Department is Sofie Orrling, located in Stockholm.

Department for Outlook and Policy

The Department for Outlook and Policy conducts, among other things, reviewing and quality control of decision-making in the transport policy area. The department also assesses the effects of measures before they are implemented. The department has the main responsibility for Transport Analysis external analysis. The department has 12 employees, including 10 in Stockholm and two in Östersund. Head of Department is Anna Ullström, located in Stockholm.

Department for Evaluation

The Department for Evaluation evaluates the effects of implemented measures in the transport area and makes certain follow-ups, including the transport policy objectives. The department has overall responsibility for the authority's quality and method work and will be responsible for the development of traffic assessment methods. The department has 8 employees, including four in Östersund and four in Stockholm. Head of Department is Andreas Tapani, located in Stockholm.

Department for Operational support

Department is responsible for financial administration services, IT services and communication issues. The department coordinates business planning, budgeting, annual accounts, information and communication. The department is also responsible for the authority's employer issues as well as legal, procurement support and office services. The department has five employees, four in Östersund and one in Stockholm. Head of Department is Eva Pettersson, located in Östersund.

At Transport Analysis, there is a scientific council with the task of quality assurance of the methods produced and applied by the agency and of contributing to their development. The council has a good scientific breadth and includes representatives from two of our neighbouring countries.