Rail traffic accidents

Statistics relating to accidents and suicides on railways, tramways and metro.

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About the statistics

The tables show the number of events in various categories, as well as the numbers of fatalities and serious injuries broken down by category and gender. For railways there is also a table of accidents and near accidents in connection with the transport of hazardous goods.

Previous publications
Description Report Tables Documentation
Rail traffic accidents 2018
Rail traffic accidents 2017
Rail traffic accidents 2016
Rail traffic accidents 2015
Rail traffic accidents 2014

The scope of the survey

The survey encompasses all commercial rail traffic with a few exceptions, such as the heritage railway traffic and traffic in industrial areas. For reasons of confidentiality, very little information is reported per company or per line; summaries are instead given for the entire country.


Rail Traffic Accidents is published electronically once a year, in June. The last six years are covered in pdf format. The Excel version is suitable for independent processing, and it also includes an extended history that dates back, at most, to 2000. Click on the plus sign above the first year to see more.

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