Persons hospitalized due to road traffic accidents

These statistics describe the number of persons severely injured in road traffic accidents.

The statistics contains data concerning the number of persons severely injured and hospitalized due to road traffic accidents each year. The lengths of the hospital stays for these individuals are presented as well. A person is considered to be severely injured if they are hospitalized for a period of at least 24 hours.

The statistics are broken down in a number of ways, including by road user group, age, gender and type of injury.

Scope of the survey

This is a total survey, and the data is obtained from the National Board of Health and Welfare's patient register, which contains medical records from the Swedish healthcare system. "Traffic accident" is equivalent to the term "transport accident" (ICD-10 standard, V01-V99), which refers to any event involving vehicles that were intended primarily, or at the time of the accident, to convey persons or goods from one place to another. Only vehicles associated with road traffic are included, and not, for example, watercraft or aircraft. In the case of road traffic accidents it is not, however, possible to determine with certainty whether the vehicle was being driven on a road at the time of the accident. Self-destructive incidents are excluded.


The statistics are published electronically in connection with this website, in pdf file format. They are also published in Excel format, using the same name as the pdf, in order to meet user demand for the ability to perform independent processing. The statistics are not compiled in regular intervals. Contact Transport Analysis regarding upcoming publications.