Technical conditions

Our goal in the development phase is always to follow standards instead of developing for specific browsers. All the web content should be available in all types of browsers, but the appearance may sometimes differ in older browsers.

Our ambition has been to develop our web site in accordance with the guidelines for web development by the E-delegation.

The use of javascript

Everybody should be able to access the information on the web site, even though javascript is switched off in the browser. But then some functions will not perform as intended, for example the search function and the functionality for filtering the search results that is shown above som listings.

Browser compability

Our web site is fully effective in modern browsers, i.e. the two latest versions of:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer IE version 9 and later
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Known browser problems on our web site

Internet Explorer 8

For our performance indicators there are arrows that show the trend for that specific indicator. In modern browsers these arrows are shown in five different levels. In Internet Explorer 8 the indication is shown in only three levels, which means that experience of how hos the information is presented may differ according to the browser.