About the web site


This web site was launched in 2015. It is built with the latest technology. The web site is responsive, which means that the content are adjusted to the unit that visitors use.

The web site's main goal is to publish statistics in the transport sector that have been developed by Transport Analysis.

The English part of the web site reflects the content written in Swedish. Not all content are translated. A lot of reports and other documents have a mix of Swedish and English content even if the whole document is not translated. Please open the documents and scroll down to English summery.

Publication of the official statistics can be found in each subject area. The statistics are often published with two different files, one in Pdf and one in Excel. Excel file is meant to be used if you by yourself want to be able to process  the data. The files are mainly written i Swedish, but some text are translated in to English.

The web site also aims to attract more visitors to learn more about how transport and communications developed in and outside Sweden.