On our articles and information pages there is a printout key that you can use if you want to print a web page. You can also use the print function in the browser. You can print out documents that you open via the current application.

Print out version

When you print a web page a print out function is shown, where some parts of the web page are not included. These are hidden to give the user a better print out. These parts are exkluded:

  • Page head and page foot: menues, search function, links (except for the logotype)
  • The Share-function
  • Search filterings
  • Forms
  • Navigation
  • Word explanations
  • Page numbers
  • Films
  • Slide shows

For environmental reasons - consider print outs of a web page. Also reflect of the fact that the information on a web page is updated regularly and that what you print may quickly be out of date.