Transport Industry Business Statistics

These statistics elucidate the financial situations of the companies engaged in operations in the transport industry. They cover roughly 23,000 companies, which vary in terms of their operations, size and profitability but share a common feature in that they all make the transport system function. The report provides statistics for six secondary industries with respect to their number of employees, turnover, profitability, productivity growth, solvency, market concentration and investments.

The statistics are derived mainly from available registers and, to some extent, open sources. The most register data are available for limited liability corporations, where the statistics can be based on financial statements. As a result, the limited liability corporations are covered best in the statistics.


Transport Industry Finances has been issued six times with successively longer and longer time series. Data are now available for the period 1997–2015. The latest reports are available only in Excel format, with no commentary text.

The report is written in Swedish only.


The time series in the tables and diagrams in Transport Industry Finances 1997-2015 have been expanded by two years. Some tables show data for alternating years from 2007 to 2015.

The tables have been rearranged. They are now divided into seven sections: one for the transport industry as a whole and one each for the six secondary industries. The hope is that this new order will be found to be more logical. The table of contents contains a number of links to facilitate the navigation process.

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Transport Industry Business Statistics 1997 - 2015
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