Henrik Petterson

Henrik Petterson
Senior Statistician henrik.petterson@trafa.se +46 10 414 42 18 +46 76 128 74 25 Department for Statistics


Transport indicators

Due to the corona pandemic, Transport Analysis has published indicators every Monday of the development of the Swedish transpor...

Passenger and goods transport

Transport analysis publish time series showing trends in passenger and goods transport in Sweden.


Slower passenger growth for Swedish civil aviation in 2018

During 2018 the total number of passengers at Swedish airports were 39.3 millions. It´s the largest number of passengers ever a...


Continued strong growth for international civil aviation in 2017

During 2017 the number of passengers in international traffic at Swedish airports reached 30.9 million, evenly distributed...

Commodity flows

Transport Analysis is responsible for a national commodity flow survey that describes commodity flows within Sweden and between...

Transport Industry Business Statistics

These statistics elucidate the financial situations of the companies engaged in operations in the transport industry. They cove...

Maritime companies

The statistics comprise financial statistics pertaining to maritime transport and other services in support thereof.


The statistics describe developments pertaining to the Swedish merchant fleet and other large Swedish vessels, and how those...

Shipping goods

The statistics shed light on vessel, freight and passenger traffic in Swedish ports.