Maria Melkersson

Maria Melkersson
Senior Statistican +46 10 414 42 16 Department for Statistics


Transport indicators

Due to the corona pandemic, Transport Analysis has published indicators every Monday of the development of the Swedish transpor...

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Contracts for the procured public transport 2015

In Sweden, for the last 20 years, the vast majority of regional public transport has been provided through public procurements....


Transports in E-commerce

The E-commerce in Sweden has had an explosive development in the last few years, and its turnover has almost four folded in ten...

Persons hospitalized due to road traffic accidents

These statistics describe the number of persons severely injured in road traffic accidents.

Vehicle mileage for Swedish-Registered Vehicles

The statistics provide information about the vehicle mileage  by Swedish-registered cars, lorries, buses and motorcycles in a...

Vehicles Mileage on Swedish roads

These statistics presents vehicle mileage on Swedish roads in a year. This is achieved by using a model that is based on change...

Människor på tunnelbaneplattform utomhus

Rising fares for public transport in Sweden and the EU

Transport Analysis has been tasked by the Government with assessing the effects of new regulations affecting public transport...

Civil Aviation

The statistics describe developments in the Swedish civil aviation sector with regard to services and transport, infrastructure...

Road traffic injuries

The statistics describe accidents and personal injuries on Swedish roads.

Road goods transport by foreign lorries

These statistics cover road freight transports by foreign lorries to, from and within Sweden. The data are compared with...

Swedish road goods transport

The statistics on road freight describe traffic and shipments involving Swedish-registered lorries both within Sweden and abroa...

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Contracts for the procured public transport 2013

In Sweden, for almost 20 years, the vast majority of regional public transport has been provided through procurements.

Rapport från Trafikanalys

Market opening in public transport

In March 2011, the Government tasked Transport Analysis with evaluating two reforms, i.e., the market opening for long-distance...

Vehicle statistics

The statistics describe the Swedish vehicle fleet. They pertain to the stock of vehicles, new registrations and deregistrations...