Market opening in public transport

Rapport från Trafikanalys

In March 2011, the Government tasked Transport Analysis with evaluating two reforms, i.e., the market opening for long-distance personal transport by rail and the new Swedish Public Transport Act.

Both reforms were intended to benefit riders by allowing free entry on the market and thereby improving market dynamics, diversifying the supply, and lowering prices, which were together expected to result in an increased market share for public transport. The reformed regional public transport system was also to be coordinated with other social planning efforts, again to benefit citizens and riders. A third goal was to clarify the planning and decision-making process so as to enable accountability in accordance with the EU's principles regarding state aid.

Transport Analysis has discussed four alternative, and somewhat mutually exclusive, scenarios for the further development of our regional public transport. In its conclusion, the report offers a list of recommendations, i.e., measures deemed important to the continued development process. Some are of a general nature, and necessary under any circumstances, and some are dependent on which of the aforementioned future scenarios is favoured.


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