Transport Analysis is responsible for travel surveys. The Swedish National Travel survey (RVU Sweden) addresses people's daily travel, the dates and times when they travel, the modes of transport used, and the purposes of the trips.

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About the statistics

The survey was conducted on a daily basis during the period 2011-2016 and encompassed the entire Swedish population between the ages of 6–84, and was conducted through telephone interviews. In addition to mapping the movements of the population, it addressed other issues such as Internet access, telecommuting, working en route and participation in videoconferences.

Data on travel behaviour provide important background information for formulating national and regional transport policy, the infrastructure development and the range of transport services offered, traffic safety efforts, and research and development concerning people's travel and communication patterns.

Transport Analysis first began collecting data from national travel behaviour surveys under the auspices of the Swedish Institute for Transport and Communications Analysis (SIKA) as Riks-RVU during the period 1994–1998, then in RES 1991–2001 and RES 2005–2006.

The annual reports were published for Riks-RVU and RES during the period 1994–2001, and they have issued been in electronic form as of RES 1999. RES 2005–2006 is published both electronically and in hardcopy form. Collections of tables from RVU Sweden are published annually in electronic form. Statistics from RVU Sweden will also be published in other analyses that Transport Analysis conducts.