Transport Analysis is responsible for a national commodity flow survey that describes commodity flows within Sweden and between Sweden and other countries. The survey is intended to improve our knowledge concerning goods shipments within our economy, and to provide an overall picture of its needs in terms of moving goods within Sweden and abroad.

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About the statistics

It will be possible to break these statistics down both regionally and by the industries that are generating the commodity flows, and by the types of goods being shipped.

The survey constitutes official statistics and can be used in:

  • identifying which transport-mode chains are being used for domestic and foreign flows of goods, along with additional details for certain types of commodities, and in describing relationships between consignors and recipients.
  • modelling flows of goods within Sweden and between Sweden and other countries.
  • identifying cargo types for various types of commodities, as well as shipment sizes.
  • analyses of measures and policy instruments in the transport system.

The commodity flows are measured in the form of goods volumes and commodity values, both in total and broken down by type of transport used, commodity type and cargo type.

The results are used by Transport Analysis and the Swedish Transport Administration as the basis for transport/traffic and infrastructure planning, and for modelling purposes.

Previous publications
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Commodity flow survey 2016
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Commodity flow survey 2009
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Scope of the survey

The survey is based on quarterly samplings of a total of some 12,000 workplaces within the mining and quarrying industries, manufacturing industries, wholesalers and mail order/e-commerce businesses. Data from administrative materials and central company registers in areas such as agriculture and forestry are used with respect to commodities such as raw forest materials, grains and sugar beets for certain industries in which it is considered feasible to do so.


The Commodity Flow Survey has been conducted four times on a full-scale level. In the development of the Commodity Flow Survey (CFS) 2016 Transport analysis tried to meet the requested improvements and conclusions from previous commodity flow surveys. The previous survey was conducted in 2009, prior to which national commodity flow surveys were conducted in 2004/2005 and 2001.

A summary of the results and documentation of the statistics are published on the Transport Analysis website.


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