Transport analysis publish time series showing trends in passenger and goods transport in Sweden.

About the statistics

Transport performance describes the activity of the transport system and is represented in the measure passenger kilometres and for goods transportation in the measure tonne kilometres. A passenger kilometre means a movement of one single person one kilometre. Equivalently one tonne kilometre means a movement of one tonne goods one kilometre.

New models for calculating the transport work were developed in 2016. The latest publication reports time series where the new methods have been applied to old data back to the year 2000. Some revisions of the models have taken place in 2019 and new time series have been calculated. The new time series are not comparable to the time series for 1950–2002. The previous time series will not be updated.

Since the product Transportarbete i Sverige is based on data from other official statistics and other data sources and is not judged to be of exactly the same quality as other official statistics, the product is also not stamped as official statistics.

The scope of the survey

Basically all journeys and commercial transport should be included when those have either their origin or destination in Sweden (international) or both their origin and destination in Sweden (domestic) or when there is a transit. The four transport modes road, rail, aviation and maritime should be included and those are divided into sub groupings when applicable. However there are some exceptions and differences in the estimation for the various transport modes and the results shall therefore be interpreted with caution.


These statistics consist to a large extent of data retrieved from and collected in other statistical reports. The data will be updated with preliminary figures in July and final figures in October.