Goods flows i Sweden 2012

Fronter på flera lastbilar

Transport  Analysis presented, 4 June 2012 results of the government commission to report a knowledge base and current situation analysis on the transport of goods in Sweden .

According to Transport Analysis statistics concerning goods shipments in Sweden, a total of 584 million tonnes of goods were transported in 2010. Of these shipments, 64% were domestic while 36% were sent abroad. Eighteen per cent of the foreign traffic went from Sweden to a foreign country, and the same amount went from foreign countries to Sweden.
Of the goods transported within Sweden in 2010, 86% were shipped by lorry, 11% by rail, and only 3% by water.

The total goods transport mileage more than doubled from 1960 to 2010, increasing from 42 to 98 billion tonne-kilometres.


Summary Report 2012:8 Goods Flows in Sweden