Nya moderna bilar mot suddig bakgrund Foto: Mostphotos

The number of newly registered rechargeable road vehicles has increased rapidly in recent years, but the transition to an electrically powered vehicle fleet takes time. As of year-end 2021 there were roughly 322,000 rechargeable road vehicles on the road, nearly 300,000 of which were passenger cars as this report shows.

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The growth of electrically powered road vehicles up to 2021 involved mainly light vehicles in the form of passenger cars and electric scooters, although electrically powered buses and light lorries have also accounted for an ever-greater share of new sales since 2019. Electrically powered heavy lorries have more development ahead of them, but here again some such vehicles have begun to be registered, although they are few in number. There are still only a small number of vehicles that can be fuelled with hydrogen. At the end of 2021 there were 42 hydrogen-fuelled passenger cars and two such heavy lorries on the road.

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