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Backa Fredrik Brandt
Senior Adviser +46 10 414 42 09 +46 76 128 74 08 Department for Outlook and Policy

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Swedens eastbound transport flows

This report describes the development of trade, transport flows, and transport infrastructure to and from the countries around...

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International train tickets - a developing market

This report presents the results of the Transport analysis government assignment to analyse the market for international train...

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Reduced default speed limits in built-up areas in Sweden

As part of its remit from the government, Transport Analysis has studied the effects of reduced default speed limits in built-u...


Migration, immigration and future transport

Does the transportation policy need to be adapted to meet the different needs and requirements of the new Swedes?

Buss på stenbro

Uneven distribution of public transport to remote regions

In Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark government funds are used to boost public transport and transport in remote regions.


Basis for aviation strategy

Transport Analysis has been tasked with analysing the role and function of aviation in the transport system. The analysis will...

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Access and challenges in rural areas

Urban and rural areas are mutually dependent. Rural areas depend on cities, for example, for a more advanced selection of...