Swedish road goods transport

The statistics on road freight describe traffic and shipments involving Swedish-registered lorries both within Sweden and abroad.

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About the statistics

The survey covers Swedish-registered tractor/trailers with a maximum load weight of 3.5 tonnes or more. Data are gathered via an EU-regulated questionnaire targeting approximately 12,000 Swedish-registered lorries per year that transport goods by road. The statistics include data regarding shipments, kilometres driven, loaded goods volumes, types of goods and tonne-kilometres. The results are reported quarterly, and for each full year.

The road freight statistics have been calculated using a partly new method since survey year 2015. Recalculated values are available from reference year 2012-2014, and there are double time series for those years to bridge the time series gap. More information on the recalculation of the road freight statistics in response to the "no-activity" problem is provided in the statistical reports.

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