Maritime companies

The statistics comprise financial statistics pertaining to maritime transport and other services in support thereof.

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About the statistics

Profitability, added value, investments and other basic facts and key performance indicators for the companies are reported, broken down by sub-sector, size class and ownership category. Net turnover, operating expenses and balance sheet items are reported in detail.

Previous publications
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Water Transport 2016
Water Transport 2015
Water Transport 2014
Water Transport 2013
Water Transport 2012
Water Transport 2011
Water Transport 2010
Water Transport 2008

The scope of the survey

The sample covers Swedish companies within the Swedish Standard Industrial Classification (SNI) codes for maritime transport and support services for maritime transport, i.e. mainly limited liability companies, although financial associations, partnerships and limited partnerships, public service enterprises, individual business proprietors and foundations are also included. The survey covers the calendar year.


The Maritime Transport report is published electronically once a year (usually in May) in Excel format (for independent processing). The production time is almost 1.5 years, as the survey is based in part on tax information from the Swedish Tax Agency.

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