The Swedish government has commissioned Transport Analysis, to prepare proposals for policy instruments for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the next climate policy action plan for Sweden.

The transport sector accounts for a third of Sweden's greenhouse gas emissions. In order to meet Swedens net zero target, emissions from the transport sector needs basically to be zero by 2045.

Therefore, the government has commissioned Transport Analysis to provide data and make proposals that lead to the transport sector's climate change. The commission will be carried out with assistance from The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, The Swedish Transport Administration, The Swedish Transport Agency and The Swedish Energy Agency.

The commission includes, among other things:

  • to analyze and propose how existing instruments and combinations of these can be developed so that the overall governance contributes to achieving the milestone target for domestic transports by 2030 and basically zero emissions from transport by 2045, and
  • identify possible emission reductions and design proposals for new instruments and measures with a focus on regulations or incentives, which aim to ensure that the overall governance contributes to achieving the milestone target for domestic transport by 2030 and basically zero emissions from transport by 2045.

To carry out the commission, Transport Analysis has appointed a main project management and formed a number of sub-projects. There is also a main administrator at each government agency that will assist Transport Analysis in the commission. Contact information can be found below.

The commission was reported on 15 September 2022. See summary report.

Main project leader: Pia Sundbergh, Transport Analysis
Deputy main project leader: Lennart Thörn, Transport Analysis

Main administrator

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Per Andersson
The Swedish Transport Administration, Håkan Johansson
The Swedish Transport Agency, Marie Malmenius
The Swedish Energy Agency, Martina Estreen



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