Pendlarbåt i höstlandskap

In 2018, Transport Analysis had a government commission to present in-depth follow-ups of certain aspects of the transport policy objectives. In 2019, Transport Analysis has planned to continue its work on thematic in-depths, and intends to report an in-depth study focusing on health and living environment at the end of the year. This interim report should be seen as a preliminary study study for this in-depth study.

This report reviews the structure of the objectives for sustainable development and health surrounding Swedish transport policy objectives. It describes the most common correlations between the transport system, human health, and living environment impacts, but also addresses somewhat less common impact correlations, such as those between climate change and the effects of commuting on health. This report concludes by addressing various quantifications and cost calculations pertaining to the impact of the transport system on health.

This report shows that our transport policy objectives are correlated with several of the global objectives in Agenda 2030, namely, the public health and environmental objectives. The health aspects of the transport system directly or indirectly influence several of the global objectives. The transport system can, in the best case, contribute to achieving the global objectives, but there is also a risk that the transport system could make it more difficult to achieve those objectives.