Housing development and infrastructure investment

Flera par fötter som går på golv

How profitable an investment in infrastructure is dependent on the rate of travel, which in turn depends on where people live and work. But the same is true from the opposite direction - people's choice of residence and work often depends on how easy it is to get to the place.

The relationship between infrastructure projects and housing are important when infrastructure investments enable new development areas, but also in major infrastructure investments that affect where people choose to live.

Transport Analysis is responsible for monitoring the international development of models used in cost-benefit analyses. The purposes of this study are to improve our knowledge of socio-economic models of the correlation between infrastructure investment and housing development, and to draw conclusions about the existing opportunities to develop the models used in Sweden. The work has focussed on Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, and the USA.

Transport analysis follow the international development of models for socio-economic analyzes. This project is part of that work.

Summery Report:

Summery Report 2016:3 Infrastructure investment and housing development: international comparison of models for cost-benefit analysis.pdf