Maritime - week 26

Passagerarfartyg Foto: Leif Ingvarsson/Mostphotos


As an indicator of the development of shipping, we report the number of callings to 40 ports in Sweden. The callings to these ports provide an overall picture of the development of cargo vessel traffic to Swedish ports. Note that a calling only reports that a vessel has entered the port, it does not say anything about volumes of goods.

As of calendar week 24, Traffic Analysis does not report passenger ship callings. The data source on maritime traffic was found to have quality issues regarding passenger ship callings, in particular an undercoverage of ferry traffic.

During the calendar weeks 11–26 in 2019, an average of 440 callings were made per week and during the same weeks 2020 this dropped to 370 callings per week, a decrease of 16 percent. During calendar week 26 in 2020, the number of callings for cargo vessels decreased by 11 percent, compared with the same week in 2019 (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Callings for cargo vessels to 40 Swedish ports by calendar week, years 2019 and 2020.
Source: Seasearcher
Note: Cargo vessels consist of tankers, bulk carriers, gas carriers, container carriers, roll on roll off vessels, vehicle carriers and other cargo vessels.

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