Pia Bergdahl

Pia Bergdahl
Senior Adviser pia.bergdahl@trafa.se +46 10-414 42 39 +46 73-075 41 39 Department for Outlook and Policy

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International train tickets - a developing market

This report presents the results of the Transport analysis government assignment to analyse the market for international train...


Proposal for economic aid for intermodal freight transport

The Swedish government has given Transport Analysis the task of analysing the need to promote intermodal freight transport and...


Measures for reduced risk of vehicular terrorists attack

In this report, Transport Analysis analyses, as tasked by the government, the use of heavier vehicles in urban environments. On...

Utsläpp från båtskorsten

Consequences of NECA

Transport analysis has been tasked by the Swedish Government with analysing the consequences for the Swedish industry if a...

Rondell uppifrån

Analysis of increased productivity and innovativeness in the transport engineering and construction sector

Transport Analysis has, over a three-year period, been tasked by the government with analysing and evaluating the work done by...

Bil på en väg på natten

International cooperation in the transport field

Transport Analysis is helping the Ministry of Enterprise concretise, coordinate, and follow up the cooperative agreements in th...

Snabbtåg i Kina

Railway in Sweden and Japan

May 2013 saw the signing of a memorandum of cooperation in the railway area between the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and...


Increased productivity and innovativeness in the transport engineering and construction sector

In 2014, Transport Analysis was mandated by the government to analyse and evaluate STA's ongoing work to increase productivity...